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การแยกสกัดโลหะมีค่าให้บริการด้วยกระบวนการแยกโลหะด้วย กระบวนการที่สามารถรับประกันความบริสุทธิ์ของผลิตภัณฑ์โลหะมีค่า


วิเคราะห์โลหะหนักด้วยหลักการ ICP วิธีการทางปริมาณวิเคราะห์ (Quantitative Analysis) ใช้ในการหาปริมาตรของสารละลายมาตรฐาน




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Who we are

Bangkok Assay Office Co., Ltd. (BAO), is the first company in Thailand, established since 1985 with prime intention to assist Thai Jewelry industry especially exporters.

We‘ve earned customers’ trustworthy to be their analyst, certify their quality of their precious metal contents almost 4 decades.

Our facilities provide the industry a full range of services at competitive rate, with the accountability and integrity we’ve earn throughout the years. We maintain our leadership in supplying solder which will not interfere with gold content or characteristics such as hardness endurance and color of the jewelry items.

Our alloys’ carried out to the same degree of perfection,through high technology combined with a great deal of time, intense study and sharp human skills, our alloys succeed in developing a full range of high quality alloys prefect for each every job.

Our special benefit to the jewelry industry is our spring gold, with special kind of alloy designed for the production of parts such as linkers, hooks and lock.

Our spring gold increase the hardness of the article without causing difficulties to the binding process.



Every Day is a New Challenge

Our reputation and success is not a coincidence, it's our devotation to develop ourselves to be the standard of pure gold in the world. Bangkok Assay has dedicated more than 20 years,

We devote, search and create in order to accomplish the world standard of purity by utilizing our Thai technology and operating by Thai people to verify that Thailand has played as the important role in the world of adornment industry.

The combination of high nano technology and the elaborate craftsmanship resulted in the "Pure Gold" transforming Decorative-objects. With the modern and, approbated pattern which can be promoted as the masterpiece
to be the gift of the world.

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